Jam Tracks

Free Acoustic Jam Tracks!

These are simple acoustic jam tracks I made to help my ukulele students practice improvising.

You can either use the play button to stream, or right click (ctrl-click for Mac) to download. Enjoy!

G Blues

C Blues

E Blues

A Blues

Major Keys
G – Wagon Wheel

C – Let It Be

E – Sweet Melissa (sketch)

A – I’ve Just Seen A Face

A – Oh! Darling

Note: For most of Oh! Darling, you can play the A major or the A blues scale, but there are two spots where the chords get weird, so you’ll want to use the chord shapes to guide you during those moments.

The opening chord is E augmented, which means an E major chord with its Bs “augmented” up from B to C. E major is 4 4 4 2. E augmented is 5 4 4 3.

Later on, the bridge has F and B7 chords, which will conflict with certain notes in the A major scale.

/ D – – – / F – – – / A – – – / A7 – – – /
/ B7 – – – / – – – – / E – F – / E – – – /

Learn the chords and pick out one string at a time to shape your melody to the chord progression. Or just stop soloing and sing that part!